Monday, October 15, 2012

The Rules (and Exceptions) of the Resolve

Guidelines, rules, criteria, canon, decree, axioms, standards, principles......whatever I may call them, here they are:

The Rules:
  1. Resolve start date: Sunday, November 4th 2012.  I am doing the makeup for a friend's wedding on Saturday, November 3rd and while I think my kit is complete, I need to leave an out for her day.  She has been waiting on this day for a while and I certainly am not going to ruin it by missing something!  I am doing the bride, her attendants, mother and sis-in-law (8 total). 
  2. Purge expired, "not my color", sentimental, pimple-prompting crap from my stash.  Trash, recycle, give away, swap, whatever it takes
  3. Take inventory of resultant stash (all categories) so I can share the extent of my addiction with you my kind, understanding readers.
  4. As of 11/4/12, I cannot buy ANY new beauty & skincare items until my entire stash for that category is gone.  Caveat - I can replace/purchase if I am down to  <5 days worth of current product left and have NO replacement!
  5. Resolve end date: Monday, November 4th, 2013.  Yes, you read that right.  Though I realize that this will be a daily challenge, I need an end date.  I need an out.  I need something to look forward to.  And honestly, I will probably still have stuff left (damn eyeshadow palettes and lip stuff).
Exceptions (you knew this was coming, I don't have an advanced college degree for nuthin'):
  1. During the Ulta and Sephora Friends & Family events, I can make a purchase, but only once (not in-store and online - I must pick one).  I must limit myself to only 3 items per store per event.  For those of you familiar with these stores and events, you know that I am challenging myself.  Some people create their Wishlist for these times many months in advance (and yes, I am one of them).
  2. Ditto for the Nieman Marcus and Nordstom Anniversary/Trend Show events.  Only 3 items/store/event.
  3. Emergency skincare need.  I live in the Midwest and winters can be brutal (February 2011 record-setting blizzard), and those of us with winter dry skin have needs!  If my Josie Maran Argan Oil is gone before Spring, I am giving in and buyin' it!  Ditto for sunscreen in spring/summer!
And that's it.  I am re-reading this post and starting to freak out!


  1. wonder you are purging and giving me a bunch of your stuff. Is my goodie bag on loan and I will need to return them on November 4, 2013? :)

  2. Absolutely not! They are yours and I am sure I will have even more as I start using my stash!