Monday, December 16, 2013

2014 Products I Want to Use Up!

As a relatively goal-oriented person, one of my favorite subjects at this time of year is setting goals for the next year.  Whether called Plans, Goals, or Resolutions, they all mean the same to me - something to strive toward to feel a measure of success.

A 2013 favorites post will be coming soon, but as I was going through my stash last night, I realized that I have quite a few products that I simply just want to be done with.  Not that they are necessarily unflattering or unliked, just that I have something newer that is very similar, or just seem to never end. Many of them are lip products, some are deluxe sample sizes, with one significant eye palette thrown in to the mix.

I must give credit to two (2) of the YouTubers to which I subscribe: Michele of MakeupMLC MakeupMLC YT Channel and Kristin of KristinGehm Kristin Gehm YT Channel.  Both of them are around my same age (one a little younger, one a little older), but I love their perspective, attitude, and input on products.  Let's face it, I am not a 19-yr old UK gal, heading off to class at Uni, or out to the bars/clubs on a Wednesday night.  I basically wear makeup for work, date nights with the Hub, and sometimes a dinner party at a friends house. I will never use loose glitter on my eyelids or any extreme color on my face, so I look to those women for ideas on how to mix it up.  Every once in a while (inspired by the great Lisa Eldridge Lisa Eldridge YT Channel) I will put on false lashes and a bold lip - woot woot - crazy wild woman alert!

Here a snap of the products for 2014:

It looks like alot, however many of these are almost empty.  Another note, my Empties posts for 2014 will focus on these products. 

Below are pics of the products by category and I may mention a little something about a few, but definitely not all!  I will save reviews, opinions for the Empties posts.


For face, quite a few of these are almost done, or sample sized. Typically, you get a better value when you buy the full sized version, but I love sample/value/gift deals so I can try a bunch on new products at once.  This is especially true of foundations and BB creams.  I really like the Misha BB cream above and want to finish this one while my skin is still relatively pale.  Concealers are also a weakness;  I have so many that I just need to finish so I can move on to the new ones that I have stacked up.  Casper, our resident Elf-on-the-Shelf, whispered in my ear that I may have a La Mer concealer in my stocking next week, and I HAVE to finish the Hourglass one above before I can start on the La Mer!

Towards the end of 2013, I really got into blushes and bronzers, and have purchased quite a few new ones.  One of the best for this time of year (and subsequent paleness of my skin) is Burberry's Earthy blush.  I am using it as an all-over bronzer with a little extra thrown in for contour.  The other blushes by Nars and Stila are both pretty basic so I feel like I can use them by themselves or layered over other products year-round.


This is ambitious!  I have also been on an eye palette kick lately with the new Naked 3 and Laura Mercier Artistry palettes already residing in my stash.  I need to go through at least one this year!  I chose the Lorac Pro because of the variety of both textures (sheer, satin, frost, and matte) and colors.  This a great palette for travel as well, and will provide a variety of looks, though I will still be challenged to use some of these colors (Garnet??? really???).  The Tarte gel liners (black and bronze) are the oldest ones I have.  So far they are not dried out, but I would like to use these up, or at least for the most of the year.


There is a theme here: my lips but better (MLBB).  Most of these colors are on the mauve-y, pinky, neutral side of the color spectrum.  These are the colors I tend to gravitate toward due to the ease of use (no mirror needed!).  There are few that are pretty old, but do not have a bad smell or texture so I will use until they are gone.  I like using liners especially since I am starting to notice product migration/vertical lip lines - ugh, but I seem to always forget about them.  I do not have a ton of lip liners compared to other classes of products, but enough where it bugs me when I don't use them (especially the Chanel ones because they are not cheap!).

So that is it for now!  Gotta go put my face on and start vetting the 2013 faves post for next week!

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