Monday, October 15, 2012

The Resolve

This is it...........I need to come to terms with my additiction and stop the excuses.  What addiction could I possibly have you may ask???????  On the surface it seems as if I have it all together: great family, somewhat successful career, and enough free time to have good work-life balance (ha - more on that later).  But all is not what it seems.............

What is my problem and why have I started this blog? 

I love beauty.  All aspects of it.

I would like to think not just the superficial, subjective part of it.  Though I do like the way a perfect foundation can make me look flawless, I love the way it triggers my emotions.  For the past year, I have found that I have become addicted to the way the purchase of a new product or the application of said product makes me feel happiness, not just the resulting "look" of product.

All this being said, I briefly took a look at the finances and realized how much of our sole income is going toward feeding my addiction.  It ain't pretty folks.  Though I do not yet have the bollocks to actually calculate the spend from the past year, I do have the courage to take some preventative steps to slow the downward spiral.

My proposal - stop buying any beauty-related items until the entire category (i.e. my stash) is GONE!

Being the anal, list-making, rule-following bore that I am, of course there are rules, exceptions, and pre-work that needs to start.  More to come..............

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