Monday, November 5, 2012

My first gig - here comes the bride!

My friend S's wedding was on Saturday and I did the make-up for the bride, 4 bridemaids, mother of bride, 1 junior bridesmaid, 2 sisters-in-law, and 3 flower girls.  Grand total of 12 people!  I started at 7:30am and finished at 3pm.  The ceremony started at 3:30 and I skipped it b/c I needed a shower and a nap!  I was able to rally, so Hubs and I had a "hot" wedding date!

The reception was at 6:30 and all ladies still looked great - so proud of my first paying gig!  There was one mishap with K's false lashes: her contacts were bugging her, she kept messing with them and one lash was 1/2 off.  Thankfully it was after pics and I was able to fix her up before the reception.  I did ask the photog to take some headshots so I can start building a portfolio.  I am still on the fence on how much effort I will put in to building this business.  Already having a full-time job, being a wife, and mom to 2 young kids takes time and tons of energy.  Thankfully, Hubs is soooooo supportive!

Here is pic of me doing one of the BMs:

And of a few us from the Chicago Book Club:

It was a beautiful wedding reception.  Very classy and personal and I feel very honored to have been asked to participate - thanks S!

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