Thursday, September 12, 2013

Where the F have I been????

Hello all!

I finally got up the gumption to start posting again.  Wow last post was right before Christmas and soooooo much has happened!  Being a minimalist in all things (other than beauty products and shoes.....), let me summarize in bullets:

- quit my job with a major food company in Chicago
- started a new job as a consultant in Nor CA
- lived out of G & H's guest rooms for 3 months (thanks girlies!)
- bought a house
- packed up rental house
- shipped kids off to parents in So CA for 2 weeks
- drove cross-country with Hub and Nola-dog
- moved into new house, got kids back, enrolled them in summer camps
- Hub started new job (yay! no more single income household)
- enrolled kids in new school
- Nola-dog died (it was heart-breaking, she was 11 yrs old, will not get into it since I will cry)
- kids started new school, Boy joined soccer team, and Girl is dancing
- hired a nanny since I am working full-time (mostly from home) and traveling about 2x/month

So here we are in mid-September and I feel like LIFE has settled down enough that I can start the blog back up and refocus on some of my personal interests.  Again, this is fun for me, an outlet for all the beauty crap that I am interested in and really not to be taken too seriously.

So let's get started!

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  1. Ya!! Where the F have you been :-)
    Not sure how I stumbled into your beauty blog but I'll take the catch up any way I can get it. Sorry bout Nola. Glad you guys have landed and landed well it sounds! Hope to see ya'all soon.